We have modernized the traditional taijiquan training system into a more organized and formal method of teaching and tracking student progress. Historically there has been no ranking between students and no testing to certify skilled instructors. While this worked in the past when teachers were tested by simply fighting challengers, the modern world has evolved past accepting random fistfights. By testing and certifying students and teachers in a formal manner, we help to ensure that the quality of taijiquan instruction remains at a high standard.

There are 9 grade levels, each with specifically identified aspects of taiijquan to be tested. Click here for a complete outline of the Dong Fang Taijiquan Grading System.

Progress in tai chi necessitates regular practice. It is suggested that students devote up to 1 hour daily to their training in order to progress according to this outline. Less practice leads to slower progress.

Skills learned in all DFT certified schools include open-handed and weapon forms, push hands, martial techniques and applications, and eventually, taiji free fighting.

Those aspiring to become true taijiquan masters and instructors should contact us directly, as there are additional requirements according to the Dong Fang Taiji Traditional Discipleship Program.