Dong Fang Taiji Instructors


Sifu Wang Xue Jun (Harrison)

Master Wang is a certified professional instructor and referee with over 20 years of experience in taijiquan. He is an official 6th Generation Heir to Yang family Tai Chi. He has been an instructor at Sichuan University in China and McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. He is a First Rank referee as authorized by the Chinese Martial Arts Association. He was head judgefor tai chi push hands for the Canadian Martial Arts Competitions in Toronto (2004).

Master Wang started learning taijiquan with his first sifu, Yang Shao Xi, a disciple of Yang Cheng Fu. Later he continued his studies as a disciple of Lin Mogen, whose skill in taijiquan earned him the title of a Chinese National Treasure.

Master Wang is committed to the teachings of taijiquan and has an excellent rapport with colleagues and students. He hopes that many of his disciples and students will become qualified tai chi instructors in the future.

Our goal is to bring the complete Yang Family taijiquan curriculum as it has been passed on through the generations to where we are today.

Jamie Rolfe, Master Level Instructor

Jamie began his study of martial arts in 1984 which culminated in becoming a disciple of Master Wang in 2003. Through great respect and admiration of Shifu Wang Jamie gave up studying other arts in order to gain the purest understanding of taijiquan through the Master's expert tutelage. He is fond of telling his students that one year of study with Master Wang is like 10 years regular training. Jamie's dedication to training and teaching is fuelled by the ever expanding depth of Taiji for development of the body, mind, and spirit.

Gary Gao, Master Level Instructor

Richard Kwan, Master Level Instructor

Jeffrey Chung, Senior Level Instructor

Jeffrey started studying martial arts at the age of 6. He began his journey with judo, eventually touching on kung fu, aikido, and Wu style tai chi chuan before becoming a disciple of Sifu Wang. He believes that true martial arts help us become complete human beings through the practice of self-awareness and the development of both mind and body.

Steven Li, Senior Level Instructor

Ying Li Lu, Junior Level Instructor

Jordan Yan, Junior Level Instructor